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About the Company and Owner

Sound Sensations is an independent owned and operated DJ Service, serving Rochester, NY and all surrounding areas.  It was formed back in 1993 and continues to provide the same quality service to all our customers.

Hi, I'm John.  DJ and Owner of Sound Sensations.  I'm a proud native of Rochester, and have spent my life here, as a hard working husband and father of two, for the past 30 plus years.  I've spent the last 28 of those years serving this great community as a Firefighter with the Rochester Fire Department.

How it all started

The company began as a small side business, and means of additional income for my new home and family.  With a life long love of music, and a rather substantial collection of albums, tapes, and CD's, I've always had an affinity for playing music for gatherings of friend's and at various parties, for fun.

Years later, I was asked by a close friend to help provide a little music at a wedding which she and her fiance were holding and organizing themselves, and after setting up a borrowed amplifier and a pair of rented speakers, along with a few dozen of my own CD's, I unknowingly took the first step into what turned into the thriving business it is today.

Since that day, the goal has always remained the same.  Provide great music and entertainment for the enjoyment of others, and to help make the party as fun and memorable as it can be.

Why choose Sound Sensations???

Being independently owned and operated means you always work directly with both the owner of the company, and the DJ who will be at your event.  I run my business from my home office and I take pride in owning and maintaining all of my  own equipment.  This also means that it's MY reputation on the line and that my equipment is well cared for and will work properly when I arrive at your event.

I wouldn't settle for anything less at my own wedding or special event, so why would I expect anyone else to.

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