Up-Lighting For Your Banquet Room


Why Use Up-Lighting?

With the advancement of efficient, low cost LED fixtures, Up-Lighting has become one of the most popular addition at parties and banquet events.  It's allows you to add extra light and color to a room, highlight various architectural features, and create a more elegant and vibrant atmosphere for your event.

Types of Lighting

Our fixtures are small, yet powerful, tri-color LED's, capable of producing virtually every color of the rainbow, including UV (black light), and are fully dimmable to any brightness level desired.  We use both single spot and linear strip fixtures to create a variety of lighting and wall wash effects.

Where to use Up-Lighting

As with any lighting, there are a wide variety of ways to create different effects, depending on the type of room you have or the kind of party you're hosting,

For more elegant formal events, you may want to use a softer light to simply highlight a few of the architectural features around the room.  Where as, for a more vibrant or holiday themed dance party, you might choose brighter, bolder, and more colorful lighting for a more pronounced effect that makes your room really Pop.

Packages and Pricing