Add-On Items

Extra Time


Our standard package gives you up to 6 hours of music, but if you and your friends want to party on into the night, you can add extra time to your package.

Additional Dance Floor Lighting


Our standard dance floor lighting set is included with every package, but you can add the effects lighting package for a more energized "Night Club" atmosphere.



Add Up-Lighting to your package to brighten up your banquet room and give it that extra touch of color, style, and elegance that really brings out the "Wow!".

Secondary Sound System


Having an On-Site Wedding Ceremony or need music for and outdoor cocktail hour???  We've got you you covered with our custom built portable sound system, designed to give you music and microphones in remote locations.

Bubble Machine


Don't waste time or money on messy bottles of soap that get blown in your face or spilled all over everything.  Our unit mounts high above, and showers the dance floor with hundreds of bubbles.

Fog Machine


Adding a Fog Machine is a great way to add another dimension to the party and crank up the special effects lighting on your dance floor.  Get that true Night Club feel with this great Add-On.