Secondary Sound System

Sound Sensations is specially equipped for all of your needs

About our system

Our Portable Sound System has been custom designed to provide music and wireless microphones for your outdoor Wedding Ceremony or Cocktail Hour, in almost any remote location.  The system is designed to run completely on battery power if no electrical outlet is available, so you can have sound for your ceremony no matter where it is.

What does it include?

The system is comprised of a single equipment case, housing a high efficiency power amp, multi-channel music and microphone mixer, professional grade dual channel Shure microphone receivers, and connections for laptop or other audio input.  Standard setup also includes a pair of compact speakers on telescoping stands.

What can it do?

With it's precision amp, speakers, and professional grade microphones, this system provides crystal clear, full stereo sound, virtually anywhere.  The compact speakers can be placed in strategic locations to allow for perfect coverage of the entire area without being obtrusive or getting in the way of pictures.

The high quality, long range microphone transmitters are the same used by concert and stage performance professionals, and allow for excellent vocal clarity and coverage without the hiss or feedback you get with inferior systems.  Available options include a lapel (tie clip) mic, for your officiant to wear, as well as a secondary hand held unit on a stand, for anyone coming up to offer a reading, sing, or play an instrument during the ceremony.

Additional mixer inputs allow for other electrified instruments to be connected directly to the system, such as an electric piano, other stringed instruments with electronic pickups, such as a guitar or violin.  A second body-pack transmitter can even be used to go wireless, if needed.

Go Virtually Anywhere

Probably the Best thing about our compact sound system is that it's completely self contained and can go virtually ANYWHERE.  It can be plugged in to a standard outlet, or can run for hours on battery power if no power outlet is available.

That means you can have music for your ceremony or cocktail hour pretty much anywhere you choose.  On the Patio or Deck, out in the Garden or Gazebo, down by the Pond or in the Woods...  And Yes, even down on the Beach.

Don't Settle For Anything Less!

When it comes to adding sound for your Wedding Ceremony or other needs, go with the professionals.  Too often, sound reinforcement for outdoor ceremonies is overlooked or improperly done, which can ruin of the most important part of the entire day.  

Some DJs will try to set up bulky equipment and speakers, or use substandard microphones which aren't designed for the precision and clarity you need.  In some cases, you may even see someone just use a "Boom Box", or try to run a speaker out through a window of the banquet hall, and blast the music across the yard.  Don't settle for this.  Hire a DJ who is equipped to do the job Right!

Remember...  There are no Do-overs when it comes to your most special day.